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Types of Carpets Based on The Material

Silk Carpet

This high-quality natural fiber material is always luxuriously designed. The texture is smooth, soft, the color pattern is strong, and provides high comfort. The price is one of the most expensive and suitable for those of you who want to provide the best aesthetic in a room.

Wool Carpet

One of the favorite carpet materials of the People of Indonesia. Wool carpets tend to be durable, fire resistant, water resistant, and stains. The shape is thick, strong, and has a color that does not fade easily. Wool can last up to 30 years if properly treated.

Acrylic Carpet

Almost similar to wool carpets and many are used as an alternative choice, because it is cheaper. The difference between wool from natural materials, while acrylic from synthetic materials. The type of carpet that is not easily moist, not easily moldy, durable, and easy to care for.

Nylon Carpet

Nylon is quite popular because it is famous for being durable, stain resistant, mold, to moss. Nylon is also easy to clean and move. Nylon prices are relatively cheap and widely used for buildings such as offices.

Polypropeline Carpet

This type of carpet is suitable for those of you who have limited funds. It is made of synthetic materials and has a smooth texture. Polypropeline is a plastic carpet that can be cleaned with water, but the color tends to fade quickly and the thread is easily removed.

Leather Carrpet

One of the organic carpets that has been known for a long time in Indonesia. The texture is soft and gives a taste, as well as a warm impression in the room. Carpets of sheep and cowskin are the most popularly used. Be careful placing this carpet, because it is relatively easy to dirty and will be difficult to clean.

Sisal Carpet

This carpet material comes from plants. Usually used to coat the entire floor or stairs of the house, so as not to be slippery. This carpet cannot be washed with water and is simply cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Saxony Carpet

The material is from knitted yarn with a twisted texture. This makes the carpet seem elegant and comfortable to step on. Suitable placed in the dining room, family room, and bedroom. This type is the softest and has a thick thickness.

Berber Carpet

This is a loop-pile type carpet made of knitting. The material is heavy and fittingly placed in a location that is rarely disassembled. It is best used in welded rooms, such as the family room, dining room, and bedroom.

Rasfur Carpet

This type of carpet is easy to identify because it has a hairy characteristic. There are two types of feathers, namely curly or straight. The feathers of rasfur carpets are quite long with materials such as doll making. The longer the fur, the more expensive it will be. Available in a variety of motifs with interesting colors.

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