As a pioneer quality manufacturer and supported by high skilled professionals with years of experience in carpets manufacturing, Nobel Industries is currently one of the leading players delivering the industry’s highest production quality standards in South East Asia.

Nobel Industries possessed a set of valuable business experiences and is equipped with integrated and comprehensive manufacturing facilities to deliver quality products for both domestic and export markets.

In going global, Nobel Carpets continues to carry out its three dimensional plan, by focusing its resources to meet the demands of :

A rapidly changing business environment.
Increasing production capacity for domestic and export market.
Expanding its product range to satisfy an ever discerning consumer.
With a fully integrated plant with comprehensive state of the art manufacturing facilities, from online Computer-Aided-Design :

Extrusion, Heat setting, Tufting, LCL and Graphics.
Wilton Rugs, Sisal Look Carpets, and Axminster Carpets.
Ability to produce carpets to highest standard that can be found anywhere in the world today.


Nobel Industries was established in the year 1977 as a pioneer carpets & rugs manufacturing company in Indonesia. Nobel Industries occupies an area of 25 hectares and is built with a sophisticated design, with the highest precision levels to ensure highest quality outputs.

It is fully integrated plant with comprehensive and state – of – the art manufacturing facilities such as on-line computer – aided design, extrusion, heat setting, weaving, printing, and tufting of all types for wall to wall and rugs.


To be the leading manufacturer in the carpet industry with quality carpets and the best value for our customers, our people, and the community that we live in.



To deliver the best product and solution to our customers with the experience and expertise that we have.


QUALITY Assurance

ISO 9002 accreditation in 1998 further confirms Nobel Carpets’ commitment to Quality Assurance.


As we commit to deliver an exceptional value to our precious customers, we only produce high quality carpets made from high quality yarns.


We offer more than 2000 products made of wool, nylon and olefin yarn to our local and international clients.


Our experienced craftsmen use traditional and modern methods to create high quality carpets & rugs that meet stringent standards.


We Are Commited

Nobel Carpets is committed to delivering exceptional value to its customers, employees, and shareholders ; and to enhance growth and by maintaining leadership as the key player in the carpet industry through professional management.


We Are Global

Nobel Carpets has strong relationships throughout the industry that have been built over many years with overseas partners for its export and import activities, which include Japan, Malaysia, China, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and Canada.




SINCE 1923

SINCE 1923

SINCE 1980

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