With a range of multi-use qualities, our advanced technology allows you to combine any four colours you choose in a single design.You can choose to customise our existing pattern by using our beautiful, complementary colour palettes or create your own entirely new and unique design from scratch.  

Our flooring products are engineered to meet a wide range of commercial applications. The ultimate in wool-rich and nylon woven Axminster, Printed Nylon, Wilton, hand tufted carpets. 

Using 80% wool, 20% nylon woven carpets, We are carefully selected and edited to fit the different areas of specification–leasing office, work rooms, corridors, amenity spaces. 

Choose beautiful pure wool carpets for the softest, warmest feel underfoot with natural stain resistance, static resistance, and durability. Opt for nylon or polyester carpets for cost-effective yet highly durable products featuring cutting-edge stain treatments.  The end result being an interior that is comfortable, mindful and personal.

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