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Apa Itu Karpet Dinding Ke Dinding Dan Kelebihannya

What is wall-to-wall carpet?

Wall-to-wall carpet get’s its name because of the way it’s manufactured – in large wide rolls. Generally speaking, wall-to-wall carpet is intended to cover a given space in one or few pieces. It can also just as easily be contained within a specific space, integrating with other carpeting or types of flooring.

Wall-to-wall carpets, known for their plush feel and luxurious, seamless look are a great choice for high-end projects.  Wall to wall carpets are a great choice,  However the needs of your client and the project at hand will determine your consideration on choosing a wall to wall carpet for your project.

Let’s take a closer look at The advantages using wall to wall carpeting and when and where you should consider using them.

The advantages of using wall-to-wall carpeting

  • Because of its seamless finish, wall-to-wall carpeting offers a high degree of design freedom, as patterns aren’t disrupted by breaks in fabric.
  • This gives the appearance of one large pattern
  • wall-to-wall carpeting tends to come in the greatest array of carpet qualities – varying in terms of fibre type, construction and price
  • The largest selection of carpet backings – available in a number of different materials, with varying acoustic properties, comfort levels and prices.
  • Wall to wall carpets are versatile meaning that you can find a wall-to-wall carpet that fits the needs of almost any project.

When should you use wall-to-wall carpets?

Wall-to-wall carpets are great for high-end projects, large spaces and large-scale patterning, making them a great choice for offices, hotels, function rooms and hospitality establishments.

The ambience that can be created when flawless design meets ideal underfoot feel is simply unmatched by other carpet types.

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